Boxing Star Mod Apk 3.0.2 [Unlimited Money] Download 2022

Game Name Boxing Star Mod Apk
Size84 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
DeveloperFourThirtyThree Inc.
Latest version3.4.1
Last Update 26th, February 2022

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Boxing Stars Mod Apk is a game that focuses on boxing fighters. It’s great for boxing lovers and features some fantastic graphics for the participants. One of the most interesting aspects of the mod is that it allows users to choose from a variety of boxers and pit them against one another in various contests such as the World Boxing Cup.

Boxing Star Mod Apk

This mod has been produced by some of the best players in the world of EA Sports games. The mod is available for free download. There are eight boxing stars to choose from, and they’re all fairly good. They’re made by EA Canada, the same people that made Need for Speed and Viva Media Viral, among other notable sports games.


They did a brilliant job reproducing some pretty fascinating parts of the boxing scene. The touch-screen controls are one of the most interesting aspects of the apk mod. These are flexible and sensitive. The player controls are fluid and responsive, and the graphics are stunning. They are really detailed and have amazing graphics.

Boxing Star Mod for android

You get to choose the fighter you want to utilize during the game play. The player will then compete in a competition. There is a primary tale that goes throughout the game, but there is also a practice mode where the player may learn how to utilize the controls and other game elements.

Features of Boxing Star Mod Apk

The Boxing Stars mod contains a number of features that aren’t seen in other mods. There’s a bikini area, for example, where you may see some sultry women. A music player, a hook button, a training bench, a dance pole, a trash can, a boxing clock, a ring box, a radio button, and a variety of additional functions are included. There’s also a special animated panel that displays the game’s enjoyment value.

There are several other modes in the boxing stars mod apk, including Story mode, which reruns the same tale from a first-person perspective. This mode is enjoyable because it provides a feeling of adventure as the player wonders who they are hitting and battling against. Players may customize their fighters and the color of their boxing gloves in the game’s play mode. The player can also change his or her shoes. It lets gamers play as though they were in the ring with professional boxers during an exhibition event.

The Android support is one of the mod’s most distinctive features. The Android boxers are extremely realistic and battle with animations. They’re also illuminated and have unique features like heat-seeking eyes. The boxing stars mod apk for Android includes a database that lists all of the opponents and combatants, as well as information on each of them. There are soundtracks available to listen to while fighting your opponents.

Get new powers by customizing your boxer

The mod includes an application that allows people to connect with other app users in order to fight in the arena in a fair combat. You may also personalize your boxer by giving him additional talents and powers. By getting the free version of the boxing star APK on your phone, you will have the opportunity to become a boxing celebrity yourself. This is one of the top free boxing star apks on the internet right now.

Boxing Star Hacked Apk

Friendly and easy-to-use interface

This game is really simple and easy to use, and anyone can efficiently manage the game’s controls. As a result, you will not have any problem playing or controlling the game’s controls.

Story of heroism with a twist

This game features a fantastic heroic story as well as some interesting twists. Despite the fact that this is a boxing and action game, the makers have included a storey arc. Explore the sport of boxing via a variety of perspectives.

Take on a new outlook

You may earn rewards and use them to improve your talents and change your character’s appearance by beating and winning other opponents. Winning different tournaments allows you to customize and personalize your character in whatever way you choose.

How to Download and Install Boxing Stars Mod Apk

You can now get Boxing Star Mod Apk on your device by following a few simple steps. All of these procedures will allow you to download this software on your computer. Simply go ahead and complete all of these tasks;

Boxing Star Hacked Apk

  • To start, click the boxing star mod apk download button.
  • Enable downloading from an unknown source by enabling the setting.
  • It’s time to install this app by going to the file manager area.
  • On your system, discover and play this game!

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We have covered every aspect of the Boxing Stars Mod Apk. We’re giving you the app’s modified version. You will access all of the app’s top-notch features for free with this mod. Get all of your stuff unlocked and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience. If you require any more assistance from us, or if you encounter any difficulties during the setting process, or if you have any important questions, please send us your comments together with any relevant info. Thank you very much. If you appreciate this mod apk, don’t forget to tell your friends about it. Also, leave a comment if you have any questions. I’d be happy to answer all of your questions.


Q1. Is Boxing Stars Mod Apk safe to use?

Yes, this game is free to play, however there are some goods in it for which you must pay money, but this is entirely optional and not required to advance in the game.

Q2. Is Boxing Star Mod Apk online to play?

Although this is an online game, you may play a portion of it even if you are not connected to the internet. However, this is mainly an internet-only game.

Q3.Can I explore all premium features with this version?

It definitely has a number of premium features. This version is for you if you enjoy being attracted by all this conductive stuff.

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