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Hunting Clash Hunter Games was made available for iOS and Android by Ten Square Games. Hunting opportunities include a safari in Africa, a frozen forest in Kamchatka, and more. The free hunting game will make you feel like a large game hunter. The game is fairly quick-paced because you can open up new areas and difficulties. Limitations keep this pace in check when a player reaches a certain rank or level. By taking full advantage of these restrictions, you can unlock new material more quickly. Bear in mind certain crucial elements of Hunting Clash.

hunting clash gift codes

Precision is a skill that must be developed over time. The accuracy of a chest shot can increase. In this game, the headshot and lung shot are not valid. Because smaller animals have smaller hearts, shots can be made with more accuracy. Shooting a heart is easier to speak than to actually accomplish. The monsters in Hunter Clash act and move naturally. When shot at, they don’t stay stationary. They move constantly, making it difficult to capture them on camera. Practice makes perfect.

In order to move further in this game, lure cards are required. They make an animal more noticeable. Additionally, it raises the value of a kill against an animal, earning more points. During a search for objectives, it is nearly impossible to find a creature without a lure card.

hunting clash redeem codes

Hunting Clash Gift Codes 

MORSE                        Use this code for x10 Luck +100% and x10 Steady Shot

Thejimjimplatypus       Use this gift code for exclusive rewards (Added on May 2nd, 2022) (Active)

huntwithalex                Use this Gift code for x100 Gold, x70 Skill Tokens x1 Mountain Lion and x1 Grizzly Bear

d33r                             Use this redeem code for x50 Radar, x50 Weight +15% and x40 Steady Shot 

huntwithdan                Use this gift code for x100 Gold, x70 Skill Tokens x1 Mountain Lion and x1 Grizzly Bear

facebookhc                 Redeem this code for exclusive rewards (Expired)

SURPRISE                 Use this gift code for exclusive rewards (Expired)

Montana22                  Redeem this code for exclusive rewards (Expired)


How to Redeem Hunting Clash Gift Codes?

In Hunting Clash, there are only a few actions needed to complete a code redemption. Follow these steps to redeem the hunting clash codes:

  1. By tapping the menu button at the top of the screen, you can start the game.
  2. Inside the new settings window, search for the Enter gift code box.
  3. Insert the codes we supplied above in the redemption area.
  4. When you click the “Redeem Code” button, your game account will immediately be rewarded.


Concluding Thoughts
In the end, the Hunting Clash was the main focus of this. By the time you’re done reading, I hope you’ve used up most of your prizes and that the post was helpful. Please leave your questions about this post in the comments section.


Hunting Clash: Hunter is available for download from Google Play and the App Store!


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